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Paid Program Q&A
Paid Program Q&A

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πŸš€πŸš€ Want to learn all Solidworks basics and start working in Solidworks confidently withing 14 days? Check out SolidWorks Essential Training program

πŸš€πŸš€ Want to become a SolidWorks certified user and expert Solidworks guru? Check out SolidWorks Learning Machine all in one Program by MCAD Skill. The Best SolidWorks Program On The PlanetΒ 

Here are some of the hot features in this program:

  • Step by Step Guide - Become A Certified SolidWorks User
  • Step by Step Guide - Become An Expert SolidWorks User
  • 15+ Full-Length Courses in a sequence to master in SolidWorks
  • 8 Certificate preparation Courses (CSWA,CSWP & CSWE)
  • 8 Full Length Certification Mock Exam (CSWA,CSWP & CSWE)
  • 700+ HD Video Lectures
  • 87+ Hours of video content
  • Practice projects and assignments
  • Beginner and Advanced project-based courses
  • 4+ Real-world project-based courses
  • Access to Exclusive Private Group
  • Communicate with other students in the group
  • Unlimited instructor support. 24/7 email response time
  • Certificate of Completion

This page will show you all general discussions, questions, posts, comments related to the paid program from all community users who did not enroll in the program yet.

I am planning to enroll in SWLM program after 2 weeks. How long this pre-launch offer will be available?
Hi, I bought SWLM Pro plan. But I did not receive any email yet. Please help.
Anyone could share your experience with the SWLM program, please? It seems very solid program and thinking to enroll.
Which software version is used in the SolidWorks training?